Dan Saracini
RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Meet Dan Saracini

During Dan’s incredible 45 year career in real estate, he ranked in the top 6% of all sales reps on TRREB and in the top 10 in Ontario for sales

What Dan loves most about real estate is helping clients fulfill their dreams. And what he loves most about being on the leadership team, is helping his agents by putting them on a program that will enhance their production and providing regular one-on-one coaching sessions. Dan loves RE/MAX Realty Specialists especially the incredible team, from the owner to the management staff to the office staff. Plus, the significant amount of training available. Did you know Specialists has amazing company events and trips? Dan is a big fan of the awards day because it gives the company an opportunity to celebrate the sales reps and the warm seminar which takes place in the Caribbean and it’s fun, fun, fun!

Dan is honest, friendly and laid back. He is a knowledgeable manager, realtor and affable person who is always willing to help others and dedicates his time to the agents. Dan is experienced in TRREB arbitration, RECO complaints and litigation, with favourable results and will guide our agents through the process. He shares his expertise in holding an effective open house in the exclusive Super Succeed program. He is motivated to work hard for his family of 5 and being able to have supported them through university and flight school with no debt.

Dan’s best piece of advice for agents is to be organized, keep up with the routine and never give up. Unfortunately, people outside the industry don’t realize how hard a sales rep works for their commission.

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