Roland Gaspari
RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Meet Roland Gaspari

Roland has been in the real estate business for nearly 30 years and the past 8 years in a leadership role. He has won the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award multiple times as well as the Outstanding Sales Achievement and 100% Club. Roland loves helping first time buyers get their first home and seeing their happiness, this is his ultimate career highlight.

What Roland loves most about real estate is meeting new people and helping them achieve their dreams. As a member of the leadership team, Roland helps agents implement better ideas into different areas of their business that will help them reach the level of success they want to achieve. And, what he loves most about RE/MAX Realty Specialists is that everyone is approachable and helpful. Did you know Specialists has amazing company events? Roland’s favourite event is the Christmas party because of the time of year and everyone is together to have a good time.

Roland is honest, has integrity and an exceptional willingness to help agents with their deals. He is an outstanding Realtor with great knowledge of the business and he loves to see a plan come together for a client. Roland is also experienced in TRREB arbitration, RECO complaints and litigation, with favourable results and will guide our agents through the process.

Before getting into real estate Roland was a Private Investigator which means he is very detail-oriented and can see things most of us might miss! He grew up in Mississauga and is a big fan of watching movies, learning how to fix things, playing the drums and 80’s hair metal bands. His favourite vacation: Italy because he got a chance to see the country where his parents and grandparents came from.

Roland’s best piece of advice for agents is don’t let the market conditions dictate your success. There are always reasons for buying and selling real estate no matter what the external forces are. Unfortunately, people outside the industry don’t realize it’s much tougher than everyone thinks. Dealing with the public is not easy. There are many more failures for every success.

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