Ryan Gilmour


Ryan started in real estate when he was 16 years old on the front desk at Specialists. He has been in real estate for nearly 20 years and has won numerous awards during his time, including Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement. Ryan was acknowledged by RE/MAX International in 2012 for outstanding growth and was given entry into the highly esteemed RE/MAX Catalyst. Ryan is committed to improving the system for agents. As such, he stays involved in organized real estate including his past role as a Director of MREB that brought ITSO to Mississauga, ITSO Board, and putting his technology training to work!

Ryan is experienced in Real Estate Board arbitration, RECO complaints and litigation, with favourable results and will guide our agents through the process. He shares expertise in managing your digital world in our exclusive Super Succeed program. What Ryan loves most about real estate is helping people, both agents and clients, realize their dreams and help build their wealth.

At RE/MAX Realty Enterprises there is a strong culture and sense of team. Did you know Enterprises has amazing events? Ryan is a huge fan of jumpSTART as he loves the energy, the speakers and the motivation it gives all of us and the company. It’s also a great way to catch up with everyone!

Ryan is a forward thinker whose expertise in the latest real estate technologies has positively impacted both Enterprises and Specialists. He is a true leader, hard worker and extremely knowledgeable. Ryan is approachable, eager to help and goes above and beyond with all of his objectives. He is motivated by helping other people find success through systems and small measurable goals.

Ryan grew up in Mississauga. Before he got into real estate, he was a Director of Information Technology. Ryan loves to travel and would love to learn how to fly one day. Most people probably don’t know he thinks of himself as a huge nerd! His YouTube history will reveal an obsession with the natural history of the earth and its inhabitants over the eons, as well as the cosmos! Ryan’s tip: anyone interested in learning about natural history in short little clips should watch the PBS Eons series on YouTube.

Ryan’s best piece of advice to new and experienced agents is treat your clients well and they will return that gift for life. Treat your job like a job, show up, do the work, the results will follow.

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